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Starry Sky


The universe sent me a chilling wake-up call.


The results of my long-overdue blood work revealed a shocking truth. My biomarkers were trending in the wrong direction. How did it come to this? What had I done to myself and my family's future?


Prescription drugs were a temporary solution, but I knew deep down that true transformation could only come from within. Determined to regain control of my life and business, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, diving headfirst into longevity and peak performance research. It was a daunting task, but I refused to accept the path laid out before me.

Through relentless experimentation, I developed a simplified, AI-driven optimal wellness, peak performance, and longevity coaching system to bio-hack my way back to ideal health. Within months, the unimaginable happened. My biomarkers returned to a normal range, and I shed the excess weight and thwarted any chance of diabetes. A newfound vitality surged through my veins, eradicating joint pain, bloating, and brain fog. I slept restfully, my wrinkles softened, and my stress receded.


The measurable and repeatable results  --- I reduced my biological age by 12 years.  At the same time, I  increased the performance and growth of my companies by 300X and became much more resilient and anti-fragile.


The ripple effect of my transformation was palpable. My peers noticed the change and wanted the same experience. I shared the secrets of my decade-long journey, witnessing firsthand the impact on fellow CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, and executives. The word spread, and suddenly, I found myself on a mission to help more people as their personal and corporate Vitality Vanguard™.


Today, my purpose has transformed. I'm committed to helping you reshape your health and company trajectories. I'm determined to bridge the gap and marginalize the conflicts between treatment, disease management, prevention, wellness, and longevity so they work together.  I work with ambitious digital health and business pioneers and help propel exponential growth, unparalleled results, enhanced flow states, and a life of profound purpose.

I guide those interested in avoiding unnecessary accelerated aging, medical treatments, and financial uncertainty.   


I'm sharing my systems, insights, mistakes, struggles,  and actions over 10+ years that have empowered me and others to live, look, work, play, and stay well longer.


Don't let the neglect of your health and longevity be your defining story. When you're ready, reach out, and let’s co-design a new future.


The time to rewrite your narrative is now.

Ad Astra!

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Vince Salvo

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